Dear best friend,

  First off, you are the most amazing person i have ever met! I am sooo glad i met you! You are a very precious human being and never doubt that.
  You make everyday better in every way even if you think you don't. I love you sooo sooo much. Thank you for everything you have done for me. 
  Thank you for making me smile and happy. I want you to know that i will protect you from b*tches that will try to hurt you. Why you might ask? 
  Well... because I don't want to see you sad like before. I don't want you crying because of a guy like that stupid @$$hole from last year in 
  the festival.I don't want you crying over a guy like him. Also because i don't want you to feel like i felt. I don't want you to feel like you
  aren't meant to be or that nobody cares about you or that you aren't worth anything because in reality you are worth more than a billion bars 
  of gold and even more than that! You are worth more than this whole entire world, this entire galaxy, this entire UNIVERSE! And i care about 
  you and other people too, so don't think in that kind of way. Please please don't think about that ok?