The Job Interview From Hell

I scoured my closet for the perfect to wear. Dressing for the place around isn’t easy. Sweating during the interview is a sure sign of weakness.
I must remember to play up my strengths: , menacing stares, and collecting. It has always been my dream to work with the Angel of Death,
or Devil. The power and prestige are desirable.

The Gates of tower above me as I ring the doorbell. I can’t believe is the doorbell chime. , his black looks better in person!

The Devil: “Welcome to Hell. Your interview will now.” Me: “It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is .” The Devil: “Who cares? I have only one question.
Do you hate ?” Me: “Yes, yes I do. I hate them more than .” The Devil: “You’re hired. Wait, is that a you’re wearing?” Me: “No, it’s actually a suit.” The Devil: “You’re fired.
Maybe you should pursue a career in .”